• So, why should an author hire an editor? After several rewrites and re-reading, an author can easily get so close to his own writing that he is not be able to see his own errors. Some may not even be aware of the mistakes they are making because they are not familiar with style guides or grammar rules. For example, there are several different style guides and while most agree on the basics, there are acceptable word usages and punctuation that make writing a book different than writing for the Web.

    Additionally, we see so many typos and grammatical errors on the Web and in books that are self-published (or brought to market by publish-on-demand companies) that after a while, these mistakes become so commonplace, many people view them as acceptable. To an avid reader, these errors are sure signs that the book was either written by an amateur or by someone who did not care about preserving the foundation upon which good books have always been built. That is not the image an author wants to portray.

    Devoted readers are accustomed to a high standard of quality in the writing, layout, and physical properties of a book. They will not tolerate blatant errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, nor will they be inclined to backtrack to locate what they missed when they are confused by what an author has written.

    Another reason authors should have their books edited is because an unedited or poorly written book is a legitimate reason for a publisher to reject it. It is difficult enough to get a book accepted by a conventional publisher without having to further reduce your chances with a book that an agent can’t “sell” to a publisher or acquisition editor.

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My Home Office

This is where I will be editing all books and papers from.  Very excited to start this part of my life.  Don’t forget we have a contest going on right now to get your book edited for free! Advertisements

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” – Stephen King

Such a simple statement. Most of you know who said that, and if you don’t…it’s Stephen King. Many authors I come across want to be compared to King. Yet, when I mention that quote most believe a wanna-be author said it. If you really want to be compared to an author, shouldn’t you know most everything about him? Right, back to the point.

What Makes a Great Writer? (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

Authors, take note. If you don’t find time to read, don’t bother trying to write.   In my almost ten-year career as a writer/editor, I have helped more authors and wanna-be authors than I could ever presume to count. I have edited thousands of short-stories and innumerable novels. So, to make a long story short, … Continue reading

Looking for an Editor?

We are currently offering free editing service to one author.

In order to be in the running please let us know what the book is about, length and date of future publication.

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